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    19:00Janacek Opera House

    LEOŠ JANÁČEK Fanfares from Sinfonietta

    FELIX MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY Piano Concerto No.1, Op.25

    RUDOLF FIRKUŠNÝ Piano Concerto

    ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK Symphony No.8, Op.88


    Alexandr Klement piano (Mendelssohn)

    Jakub Sládek piano (Firkušný)

    Filharmonie Brno and “young Mozarts”

    conductor Dennis Russell Davies

    The Mozart’s Children project, run by the Filharmonie Brno together with the Elementary Arts School in Smetanova 8, Brno, aims to entice children and youth of all ages into the fantastic world of music, giving the talented pupils the opportunity to perform in front of a packed audience and helping the youngest ones to discover their own musical abilities and feelings for music, in short, to discover their musical selves. In essence, the project supports the development of children’s musical talents and skills, and seeks to evolve their relationship with music (not just classical music).